Who we are

The Institute for Community Development (ICDU) was registered in 2004 as an assignee of the Local Environmental Action Program, funded by USAID. Since our inception, we have implemented a number of small and large scale projects in Ukraine covering the issues of strategic development and resource mobilization in local communities, investment in rural areas, and also the process of policy making to tackle local environmental problems. For the first time in Ukraine, we have adapted and implemented such new approaches as Community Environmental Action Plans, Time Bank Community Development Model, and Stakeholder Resource Mobilization Model in targeted communities. Since 2007 the ICDU team has been taking part in international projects focused on the various climate change issues such as land restoration, the calculation of carbon stocks and GHG emissions in ecosystems, and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The valuable experience we gained while working with communities allows us to develop and implement socially responsible projects which consider the possible social impacts of environmental action. Additionally, establishing eco-friendly business opportunities – for example, biomass production – for communities has helped us to increase land profitability, to contribute to community development and to ensure the future use of environmentally-friendly land use practices by local farmers.