Digital Soil Maps

We are pleased to present you the examples of Digital Soil Maps which we can create on a client’s request or in the frame of a project. In our organisation you can order:

- General soil maps
- Black soil maps
- Soil degradation risk maps
- Comparative maps of humus content in soils
- Other digital maps and models

Maps can have a different scale and cover areas of various sizes. These maps are useful for farmers, local authorities, investors to agriculture, and nature conservation projects and programs.

The maps presented below were created for the Luhansk region in the frame of the EU project “Enhanced Economic & Legal Tools for Steppe Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation”.

General Soil Map of the Luhansk region contains the information on soil names and codes. The original scale is 1:200000.

General soils map of the Luhansk region

The Black Soils Map of the Luhansk region presents the groups of black soils and their distribution across the region. The map and was done using the spatial analysis technique. The original scale is 1:200000.

Black soils map of the Luhansk region

Land Degradation Risk maps for the Luhansk region show sites with the different levels of land degradation risks which can be caused by erosion, anthropogenic contamination of soils, and other factors.

Land degradation risk map 1

Land degradation risk map 2

On the left map, a detailed point scale was used to describe the risk levels, and the red colour marks the highest risk of land degradation. The right map presents the risk levels grouped into user-friendly categories such as “Small risk”, “Moderate risk”, “High risk”, and “Crisis level”.

Comparative maps of humus content in soils, % (the Luhansk region) allow a user to compare the humus content in 1990 (left map) and 2010 (right map).

Humus content map for 1990

Humus content map for 2010

If you have any questions related to the digital mapping or you want to make an order, please visit our page How to cooperate with us and contact us.