N2O Emission Evaluation Methodologies Approved

On June 2013, the State Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine approved two methodologies for evaluating nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from mineral and organic (peat) soils, developed by Oleksandr Mykytiuk and Anatoliy Polioviy in the frame of ICDU’s activity on GHG emission assessment methods. The authors took into account the experience of USA, Australia and and New Zealand in developing national greenhouse gas inventories for LULUCF sector. A key principle of both methodologies is a calculation of nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions per unit of land surface which is equivalent to one pixel of a satellite image. Both methodologies employ specially designed nitrogen cycle models and use satellite imagery, maps, field data and statistic data as sources of input data for calculating N2O emissions.

Please visit  GHG Calculating Methods page to see the Power Point presentation on the calculation algorithm for N2O emissions from mineral and organic (peat) soils.