How to cooperate with us

If you are interested in the ICDU’s activity and want to order our services, please email us using the contact form or the email address given on the Contacts page. Together, we specify the goals and conditions of our future cooperation. After that, all parties involved sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure the information and ideas are kept confidential, and we prepare a project proposal which is submitted to you for your consideration. When the project proposal is approved, all parties involved sign a Main Contract Agreement and the funds envisaged for the project activity are transferred to our bank account. After that, we start project implementation.

If you intend to be our partner, we will be happy to receive correspondence from you and jointly define the goals and conditions of our possible partnership.

If you want to join our team, please do not hesitate to send us your CV and the letter of intent explaining your interest and the reasons of this decision, as well as how do you see your role in the ICDU’s work and what kind of activity you are able and willing to perform.

Cooperation conditions

The Institute for Community Development (ICDU) is an organisation which provides services for land development. The Customer of our services shall cover all expenses related to the provision of such services according to the approved budget. The funds shall be transferred to our bank account before any project activity is started.

Please note that the ICDU provides innovation services and hence all parties involved with the future project sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and an Equal Partnership Agreement.

  • A Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Ideas embodied in a project proposal

  • Equal partnership
  • Full and timely financial support of the project

Our partners

  • UNDP
    United Nations Development Programme is the development arm...