Demonstration Model for Peatland Restoration on 3,000 ha of “Smolianka” drainage system, Polissia, north of Ukraine


The project is a part of EC-UNDP larger programme “Clima East: Conservation and Sustainable Use of Peatlands” aimed at fostering climate change mitigation and adaptation activity in Ukraine. The “Clima East” project is working towards changes in two main directions such as:

1)     Enhancing a national GHG inventory in LULUCF sector (Land use, Land Use Change and Forestry), paying particular attention to accounting GHG emitted from organic soils; and

2)     Developing and piloting a practical approach to convert degraded peatlands to semi-natural ecosystems, valuable for local communities and important for biodiversity conservation

The project in Ukraine is focused on degraded agricultural peatlands situated in the territory of “Smolianka” drainage system in the Chernihiv region.

In this project, the ICDU is responsible for:

  • Selection of pilot communities and land plots with a total area of 3,000 ha within “Smolianka” drainage system boundaries
  • Development of socio-economic model for degraded peatland restoration, which must take into account the needs of local land users and the objects of the project regarding ecosystem restoration and greenhouse gases emission reduction
  • On-going work with pilot communities, preparing the ground for the socio-economic model implementation
  • Creation of GIS data base for the purpose of peatland hydrological regime restoration

Project Tools

For accomplishing its tasks, the ICDU team will use the following tools:

  • Land Restoration and Sustainable Land Management Plan
  • Hydrological Regime Restoration Plan
  • Business-plans for created entities
  • GIS data base


The State Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine is the principle executor of “Clima East: Conservation and Sustainable Use of Peatlands” project, implemented in partnership with UNDP and local authorities of the Nijyn rayon of the Chernihiv region.