GIS Project Development and Management

GIS project development and management encompass planning, carrying out and overseeing different types of work and surveys related to geoinformation systems, the creation and maintenance of geodatabases (scanning, registration, vectorization, geocoding, and GPS data processing), as well as remote sensing data processing and analysis.

GIS analysis and spatial modeling (ArcInfo: Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst Extensions) are used to create a variety of discrete topographic and non-topographic grid layers such as a digital elevation model (DEM) and the distribution of environmental, geological, hydrogeological, economical, and other values.

We also develop:

  • Special techniques for using GIS and RS in environmental, geo-environmental, geological, hydrological, and hydrogeological surveys
  • 3D Groundwater models in Processing Modflow for Windows 5.3.3, with exporting and importing in ArcInfo
  • Geodatabases (for Ukraine and other countries)

A geodatabase is a set of site-specific geographical information and consists of all available spatial data relevant to a chosen site. These usually include paper and scanned maps, satellite imagery, GPS data, and also new digital maps created based on spatial analysis and GIS modeling. Showed below detailed site vegetation map and digital elevation model are the examples of elements that comprise a geodatabase:

GIS projects can meet the needs of:

  • GHG monitoring and accounting at the stages of carbon projects design and implementation
  • Land use and nature resource management at the stage of developing improvement plans and strategies
  • Hunting reserves
  • Forestry
  • Nature conservation projects and reserves

Our services can be contracted by companies in Ukraine or other countries.

The Institute for Community Development (ICDU) is a non-profitable charity organisation which provides services for land development in Ukraine. The Customer of our services shall cover all expenses related to the provision of such services according to the approved budget.