Remote Sensing Analysis and Image Processing

We offer multispectral satellite imagery processing in Erdas Imagine for medium, high and very high-resolution images. The scope of performed operations includes orthorectification, mosaicing, atmospheric correction, supervised and unsupervised classification, and the calculation of various indexes. Processed images then are used as a basis for new digital thematic layers which show, for example, a vegetation cover type on a site, biomass stocks, soil types, areas of degraded land or gaming sites, a drainage system network, etc.

The collection of such thematic layers can be used either independently or as a part of a GIS geodatabase in a GIS project.

Our services can be contracted by companies in Ukraine or other countries.

The Institute for Community Development (ICDU) is a non-profitable charity organisation which provides services for land development in Ukraine. The Customer of our services shall cover all expenses related to the provision of such services according to the approved budget.