Environmental Surveys, Remote Sensing and GIS

Remote sensing methods and geoinformation (GIS) technologies are powerful tools that help to solve the complex tasks of monitoring and predicting various natural and man-made environmental trends. Remote sensing allows land managers to get promptly data on natural vegetation and anthropogenic land covers, and geoinformation technologies – to accumulate and store the large volumes of geospatial data. These georeferenced data can serve as a basis to make decisions on improving infrastructure, nature and land use. They can also be used for solving nature conservation tasks and predicting environmental risk situations. Our GIS services related to the topic and offered for implementation in Ukraine and other countries are listed below.

How to cooperate with us?

If you are interested in the ICDU’s activity and want to order our services, become our partner, or join our team, please contact us using the email address given on the Contacts page. Together, we will specify the goals and conditions of our future cooperation.

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