Sustainable Land Use & Profitability

Sustainable land management means management that causes no harm to environmental processes and allows the conservation of biodiversity (the variety of species, populations, habitats and ecosystems), ecological integrity and ecosystem resilience to changes, as well as the conservation of natural capital. A shift to the sustainable land use practices and a competent restoration of degraded land can be economically beneficial and provide a financial background for nature conservation measures. The ICDU offers a full range of services consisting of the evaluation of environmental, economic and social conditions at a chosen site in Ukraine, the selection of best-suited land use practices, the development of Business Plans and Land Use Plans, and support and consultation during implementation.

How to cooperate with us?

If you are interested in the ICDU’s activity and want to order our services, become our partner, or join our team, please contact us using the email address given on the Contacts page. Together, we will specify the goals and conditions of our future cooperation.

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